Patient’s Assistance Fund

Tracie Lawlor Trust Patient Assistance fund was set up to directly help Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients avail of integrative treatments. The fund has helped purchase treatments for CF’s ranging from exercise bikes, gym memberships, to acupuncture and supplements, all of which have aided in improving the quality of life for people with CF. Recently the TLT4CF have purchased a state of the art bike from Italy at cost with the very kind help of Pat Whitney and Peter Thatcher.

William Bresnan receiving his state of the art bike from TLT4CF

William Bresnan a recent transplant recipient was asked to take part in the world transplant games this year in South Africa, with disciplines of cycling and swimming however he was unable to afford a proper racing bike and train with it. He had applied to the national CF charity for gym membership but was refused and asked to wait a year due to receiving it a number of times, so he did and was refused again and was told a meeting on rules was going to take place. He then wrote a letter explaining what happened to us and how much it would mean to him, as we understand the importance of exercise for maintaining health post transplant and it is important to show inspiration to other CF’s, show them it can be done, it may be hard but this is an example with some belief and hard work, we were able to not only get a state of the art racing bike but fund treatment with a Physiotherapist in his local area and he has been flying it ever since! This is due to the many, many kind people of Wexford that have made this fund possible, We look forward to seeing him at the transplant world games next year, flying the Irish flag proudly! This would not be possible without people like you, so thank you, as any donation helps, as we do not take a wage nor salary so all your donations directly/indirectly help CF patients and further research.

This was made possible through the Patients Assistance Fund (click link for full list), this is one of many stories of how the money you donate to us has being directly used to help CF patients right now with their needs, thank you so much and remember we don’t waste your donations on wages/salaries/allowances/investments etc. the money you give is used as it should be. Please consider us in any fundraising activity in the future to help us, help many more CF’s and continue to help those that have availed of the fund thus far. 

End of Year 2010 for the TLT4CF!

This year has being a whirlwind of new & old events for the Tracie Lawlor Trust for Cystic Fibrosis. A few new events went a head this year, Olive McGrath’s “Tracie’s walk” in which 70 people walked from Castlebridge to Wexford town, along it’s beautiful Quays & half foot-paths on the way in. Looked like it would be an awful day but the clouds cleared & blue skies prevailed leading to a relaxing, enjoyable stroll into Wexford. Then came a 24 hour spinning bike challenge, I mean how hard is it to pedal really? Oh my, did many of us eat our words, as we sat on what was possibly the worst shaped, least comfortable saddle I’ve come across, if I hadn’t of popped all them bubbles in the bubble wrap I would have had it wrapped around it! Well at least we all had the same pain, some more than others as Mike & Paddy decided to race each other in the first two hours of the challenge! Mike, a CF parent organized what was a brilliant day & night overall but I don’t think we’ll be so enthusiastic the next time with those saddles!

The kick off to the year was our annual cabaret & dance again a great turn out from the people of Wexford & Tracie’s home village of Castlebridge. Annual events from last year such as Ann’s Angel’s Holistic day, the Bridges Charity Challenge & Mick & John’s soccer tournament, were certainly as exciting & enjoyable as previous years.

A head-shave in Roscea in Co. Tipperary which obviously gave them good look for the All-Ireland win, as they learned a lot from the model county! MUFC table quiz was an enjoyable night with Brendan & co. putting on a good show, pity United can’t do the same at the minute. And finally a mention must go to two super athletes who ran the Dublin City Marathon for Miss Snead & Mr Matt :). Thank you!

All money raised has lead to purchase of more Chi, FIR machines & more recently finger pulse oximeter’s that can give accurate heart & oxygen saturation (within the blood) to a CF at home within seconds. Extremely useful during exercise to make sure there is not a dangerous drop in stats & if so they may need to see their doctor, all to catch an infection earlier! Also the money is used for the hours looking into research journal papers online & forming an opinion on the best form of diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplements etc. for CF & all the info will be made available free on our websites blog. Finally a proposal for a study has been submitted to European Federation of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (EFCAM) into the viability of a 3-6 month study of the effects of Buteyko Breathing on Cystic Fibrosis patients. Thus far we have spent in excess of €30,000 on the above & more!

Merry Christmas everyone, have a lovely holiday & a happy new year!!

See you all next year!

Charity Challenge 2010

This year’s charity challenge took place on the 25th of April. Nine teams of four set out on this gruelling run, row & cycle. Spirits were high before the teams set off, a few kind words of encouragement & indeed a few pranks as one girls team decided to “jock” the opposing boys team member before they set off! The poor lad took off & kept pulling up his shorts almost to chest hight, just to be sure they weren’t going anywhere this time.

The run around Wexford town hill’s seemed to go down well as most past the first hurdle with rosey red cheeks, before hopping into the boat & setting off on the row under Wexford bridge & back around to yanky slip. As the boats came in it was a mixture of go, go, go, & I don’t want to get too wet. As one team member from Limerick hopped out of the boat & then got dunked but still came in with a big smile, as everyone tried to hold their laughter in!

The Bridges brothers & one other stormed through the run & row. Not showing any signs of their age, as it would probably accumalte to more than your weekly dole! They burst off on their bikes & even though one bridges had their thigh muscle give in they still came in second place. The winners from Enniscorthy Edermines rowing club powered their way throughout the challenge keeping a consistant pace & each taking the lead at different points in the run, row or cycle.

The spectacle on the day was truely something for the on-looker or indeed the amateur photographer, especially the row with all the boats taking different lines, the power & flow needed for these small boats to speed across the Slaney.

All this was of course for a good cause in the end, the jokes, the banter, the sweat & thankfully no tears! Was in aid of the Tracie Lawlor Trust for Cystic Fibrosis. All monies raised will go towards research & to help Cf patients in Wexford & the SouthEast. A special thanks to Richie, Victor & Paul Bridges for their work again this year. Thanks to Ferrycaraigh rowing club & to all those who took part hopefully see you again next year for round 3!

For pictures click here!

Roscrea Head Shave by Maria Phlean

We organized a fundraiser in the Stand Pub Roscrea Co. Tipperary on the 16th of April 2010. It consisted of five people getting their head shaved, 3 lads & 2 girls took part. A man who hadn’t shaved his beard in 22 years also decided to give up his hair & go bare for a great cause! On the night there was spot prizes & a signed Tipp. jersey was auctioned. There was fun, music & lots of laugh’s in what ended up as a chilly night for those with bare heads or chins!

In the end it was a fantastic night in our local pub, with all our family & friends that I would like to thank very much for their help & thanks to those who attended & took part. Much needed money was raised for Cystic Fibrosis patients in the South East in what was a very enjoyable night! Pictures to come soon!! 🙂

Cupcake & Cookie Tea Party by Rebecca Gangnus

Sunday the seventh of March saw the first TLT Tea Party (of many we hope) held in the Sky and the Ground, South Main Street, Wexford. There was a lovely buzz in the side bar as an amazing array of cupcakes, cookies and cakes in all shapes, sizes and colour combinations were donated by the numerous guests.

Young and old enjoyed the free treats with tea, coffee or cocoa and music by popular local artist Anne Nagel, who’s sunny tunes matched the spring sunshine streaming in from the courtyard doors. The party went on well into the afternoon with a raffle and the announcement of Cupcake Queen which was scooped by Liz O’ Connor and daughter Ava!

Finally I would like to thank all the local businesses including Sam McCauley Chemist, The Wexford Book Centre, DV8, Boggan’s Bar Kilmuckridge, Windmill Therapeutic Centre and Ballyvaldon Nursery who donated prizes. Most of all, a big thank you goes to all the lovely people who donated so generously on the day, both their money and their creative baking.

Nicky Rossiter’s “The Street’s of Wexford” by Celestine Rafferty

“We all wanted to pinpoint our place. In reality we need to invert that address to find our place. Apart from the most intimate sense of place of family and home, the street is our reference point or it may be the townland for rural dwellers.
The street defined friendships, loyalties and often boundaries. In earlier times people often confined interaction within their streets or neighbourhoods. There were also intense rivalries between streets or neighbourhoods – not always confined to the sports fields.
The word street comes from the Latin, strata, and in the Middle Ages the word a road but later came to denote the main thoroughfare in a town or village.
It is interesting to note in a publicity handout for a recent television programme that three hundred years ago – around the early 1700s – Liverpool was classed as a seven street town.
Quoted in “Hore’s History of Wexford Town and County” we find that the suburbs of Wexford in 1659 were classed as Faigh (The Faythe), Bridstreete (Bride Street), St. John Streete (John Street), Weststreete (Westgate) and Maudlintown. This gives some indication of the streets existing at the time. To these would have been added the core streets like Main Street, High Street etc.
In Pigot’s Directory of 1820 the street addresses listed are Back; Main; Selskar; John; Cornmarket; Slaney; Westgate; Old Pound; Common quay; Faith; Custom House Quay; Bullring; Castle; Monck; Anne; Mary; Ram; Paul Quay; Stonebridge and George.”

China Cycle ’08 by Sarah Murphy

Darragh and six of his friends set off on their bikes from their apartments in Shenzhen at 5:30am for the first train to Hong Kong at 6:30. They made their way through the crowds, drawing much attention sporting spandex padded bicycle shorts, and as they arrived on HK soil we realized we were one man down. 45 minutes later their fellow cyclist emerged from the interrogation room bemused by accusations of pro-Tibetan activism and questions about his “real reasons” for border crossing that Saturday….somehow the get-up and bicycle didn’t give it away. Needless to say they missed the first train and arrive in HK just before 8am where their chaperone for the day, Dan was waiting for them on his motorbike.

Off they went on a route straight from Google earth, untested unknown they had no idea it was not flat! Temperatures started off kind as they cycled through the suburbs to their hilly destination. After 3 hours they were low in 30 degrees heat and rising with 90% humidity…it was getting difficult. They pushed on deep into the hills of the new territory and encountered a climb that defeated all but 3 out of 7 of them. The hills were so steep they travelled at a speed of 65km per hour coming down!

Darragh assures us that the photo’s don’t do justice to the scenery, it was spectacular in places and worth the effort to get there. They cycled 7 hours and 120Km in total, it was a great day and they all felt great accomplishment uponcompletion.

Later that evening they dragged themselves back to SZ and had a BBQ to raise some more cash, about 40 people came to support and over 600 euro was raised there.

It was difficult to calculate exactly how much they raised as they all encouraged people to donate throught the website but they estimate the total to be between three and four thousand euro. Shenzhen Celts donated $500, and the Shenzhen Dragons donated €100.

All in all it was a great day for a great cause and Darragh is extremely happy that he could chip in to the great work that is going on at home. We are all extremely proud of and grateful to Darragh for the time and effort that was put into this event.

Pictures from the cycle in China have been added to our photo page if you would like to check them out

Kentucky Cycle ’08 by Sarah Murphy

Cathal Beale, a close friend of Tracie Lawlor who tragically passed away in November 2007, was crushed when he could not partake in the cycle from Dublin to Wexford on April 5th this year but his disappointment soon turned to inspiration to organise a cycle in Kentucky where he is currently on a scholarship with Darley Flying Start. He convinced five of his new found friends to put together an event that would mirror the charity cycle in Ireland.

On Sunday 27th April 2008, six young men began their six and a half hour journey from Churchill Downs to Keeneland to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. They set off with months of training behind them to cycle the 125km route. The road was long and steep but the wind and rain kept their distance as the boys pedalled their way through the small towns and villages of Kentucky. They all finished the journey without too much struggle and in keeping with the spirit of the Irish cycle, they received medals on their return for their fantastic achievement which were sent over by Tracie’s parents.

They were welcomed to their final stop to a well deserved barbeque feast and twenty to thirty people who applauded each one as they passed the finish line. The sponsorship raised together with the money raised from the charity tablequiz they organised on Wednesday 23rd April came to a total of over $1,500 which will be sent over to Wexford to be added to the €55,000 which was raised from the Irish cycle.

Tracie’s parents Ian and Philomena Lawlor are eternally grateful for all the work that has been put into these events. A trust has now been set up called the Tracie Lawlor Trust for which many more events will take place to raise money in the future. If you would like to donate to this charity please click on the donate page.

Irish Cycle 2008 by Sarah Murphy

On Saturday 5th April 2008 about 130 cyclists set off from UCD in Dublin for a 140 km Charity Cycle to raise much needed funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis sufferers. The event was dedicated to the memory of the late Tracie Lawlor who passed away last November from Cystic Fibrosis. Tracie lived a full and vibrant life which was in no way defined by her illness. Those who were lucky enough to know her were inspired by her enduring spirit and irresistible charm. Tracie was the inspiration behind this event which we hope will make a significant difference in the hometown of our dear friend.

A convoy of vans and cars led by Joe O’Brien coaches, who transported the cyclists, left The Porterhouse Castlebridge at 6.30am to meet up with those already in Dublin. After registration and a word of advice from Pat Geoghan the cyclists set off at 9.20. As the weather was fantastic and the wind was in their backs, they all set out to enjoy and relished the challenge ahead. The first of the riders reached Castlebridge at 1.30 and the last at 4.30, which was well ahead of the times set out by each rider.

As each cyclist finished they were presented with a medal by Tracie’s mam Philomena to mark their achievement.

Refreshments were provided in The Porterhouse and the Castlebridge Fife & Drum Band also entertained the crowd who had turned out to welcome the cyclists home.

This was a very special and emotional occasion for the Lawlor family who were delighted with the event and one of the biggest cheers of the day was when Tracie’s brothers Brian and Joseph arrived home. Joseph who also suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and has spearheaded a campaign for better facilities nationally, was very pleased with his own performance. Joseph also won the Talbot Hotel/South East Radio Person of the Year for 2008.

Organisers Ruairi Culleton and John Morrissey were delighted with the way the whole day went and would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make the day such a success, Joe O’Brien, Anthony Neville, Slaney Cycling Club, Wexford Wheelers, Motor Cycle Club, Order of Malta, Enniscorthy Lions Club, Alan Corcoran of SER, all the participants and a special thanks to Ian and Philomena Lawlor for all their help.