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Empower, educate and inform on integrative medicine for Cystic Fibrosis

1246126211The Tracie Lawlor Trust for Cystic Fibrosis was set up in Wexford, Ireland, at the start of 2008 after the death of Tracie Lawlor (24) after a life long battle with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Click here to see Our Progress! Click here to see Independent Report into Tracie’s Death at Waterford Regional Hospital (page not yet live). Check out our lastest research endeavours and past research!

It is the brainchild of Tracie’s Mam & brother’s Joseph & Brian. Since then it has grown immensely across Wexford, the South East and Ireland. With the support of many people we have being able to grow and provide for our CF’s. We are here to help all people with CF in Ireland as much as we can, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.
The TLT4CF do not take a wage or salary from any donation received, we believe a charity should be just that & not run as a non-profit limited company (CEO) as this leads to a clear elitism in the people getting the wage/salary versus the people actually giving their time & effort without cost, then seeing their hard earned donations removed for a wage or otherwise.

A lot of wastage occurs because a comfortable wage or salary is available without recourse, a disconnect occurs from the true meaning of charity & why you do it. Proof of this is every where not least in our elected officials who because of easy access to money & almost all do what the others do because of the power of the situation and previous charity scandals. This, in a charity sense, is worse as parents watch their children suffer with lack of facilities, equipment, lack of critical research funding etc & at the same time see high wages & general wastage because a situation is allowed to occur, why doesn’t it change?
True change rarely happens from the inside, I mean why would you if it’s so comfy?
They may give a little here or there to make it seem like they’re changing but do they drop the expenses? Wages? or just do enough to quell the growing anger?

The TLT4CF do not play politics with lives.
True Charity comes from the heart…The Tracie Lawlor Trust for Cystic Fibrosis (TLT4CF) is conducting a massive research project into integrative health care options for CF patients throughout Ireland.

That being said there is a lot that can be done with what little is available, with the support & good nature of the Irish people, we are able to grow with awareness, in research & hope of a better day for all CF patients & all who are effected by this awful chronic illness. We try to bring a mindset of hope, to everyone touched or untouched by Cystic Fibrosis.

Our motto – “Live Life Laughing”
Our philosophy – “Hope wisdom & effort”

This piece below was taken from South East Radio Website

The Person of the Year Overall Winner for the year 2007/08  (Wexford) was Joseph Lawlor.

Joseph Lawlor
Joseph and his family suffered a deep personal tragedy in November 2007 with the death of his beloved sister Tracie at the age of 24. Tracie suffered from cystic fibrosis.
Every since her death Joseph has campaigned for a special, dedicated unit to be established for cystic fibrosis patients nationally. Joseph has spoken movingly about the conditions Tracie endured during her many hospital stays including the lack of privacy and danger of cross contamination from other patients – something which can pose a real danger to CF patients whose health is already compromised.
While Tracie was well known and loved as an out-going vivacious young woman, Joseph, who also has cystic fibrosis, is shyer and not one to seek attention. All the more remarkable then that this young man has found the courage to speak out in the national media, giving interviews on radio, television and in national newspapers about the campaign. And the lobbying by Joseph and other cystic fibrosis patients and supporters is bearing fruit – the Department of Health has promised to provide a special isolation unit. Joseph and his colleagues vow to continue their campaign to have a specially dedicated CF unit as part of this new facility.