Our Progress

Empower, educate and inform on integrative medicine for Cystic Fibrosis


Unfortunately people with CF may have a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on them due to the burden of the disease. Due to this fact we have dedicated ourselves to helping improve the quality of life both mental and physically of each CF, as much as we possibly can. Empowerment of the individual is extremely important to us and it helps provide meaning and understanding for each person with CF it may be different however there is no doubt knowledge is power.

  • The TLT4CF has purchased over €50,000 worth of equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, pulse oximeters, chi machines, weights and more. We have also provided a grant for purchase of exercise equipment and various other assistance through our patient’s assistance fund in excess of €100,000. Click here for Stats!
  • We are the first ever charity for CF, dedicated to providing free well research information on integrative modalities/supplements etc. through our blog and offering a voice to those wishing to share their experience. This free information (directed at CF’s but useful for all in the family), provides a non-bias review(s) of integrative medicine in plain language for all. Note we receive no funding from any supplement/drug company so as to maintain our impartiality as we are dedicated to improving quality and curing Cystic Fibrosis for good.
  • We also offer first ever dedicated patient assistance fund for integrative medicine such as: supplements, therapeutic modalities, exercise equipment etc. As there have been many CF’s that wish to uptake integrative methods but may not due to financial reasons, be capable of fulling a an adequate term needed for improvement , we decided to offer an assistance fund.
  • We have also created major contacts in London South Bank with Professor Nicola Robinson whom is currently lead researcher out of the Royal Brompton on our Tai Chi for CF’s 3 phase research project, which when complete we hope to be able to provide an application for download (DVD) or available in hospital’s that teaches Tai Chi tailored for CF’s, for free! Also adding to the evidence base for the HSE or NHS to provide such treatments to CF’s, (see our research page).
  • In our first year of existence our founding member and other TLT4CF member’s were instrumental in lobbying for interim isolation facilities at St. Vincents 07/08 while the new unit was being built. They were  one of many of our members that have CF and lobbied along with many other CF’s across Ireland (and still are) for better facilities in Irish hospitals.
  • Finally we are helping fund research with the first ever dedicated Cystic Fibrosis Integrative medical team (that we know of) at Stanford University, led by Professor John Mark and this has led to a further study into the effects of Acupuncture in Cystic Fibrosis teens and young adults, a cross over control trial (in progress see research page).

To help us continue and expand on this work please consider coming along to one of our events or making a donation