Charity Challenge 2010

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Charity Challenge 2010

This year’s charity challenge took place on the 25th of April. Nine teams of four set out on this gruelling run, row & cycle. Spirits were high before the teams set off, a few kind words of encouragement & indeed a few pranks as one girls team decided to “jock” the opposing boys team member before they set off! The poor lad took off & kept pulling up his shorts almost to chest hight, just to be sure they weren’t going anywhere this time.

The run around Wexford town hill’s seemed to go down well as most past the first hurdle with rosey red cheeks, before hopping into the boat & setting off on the row under Wexford bridge & back around to yanky slip. As the boats came in it was a mixture of go, go, go, & I don’t want to get too wet. As one team member from Limerick hopped out of the boat & then got dunked but still came in with a big smile, as everyone tried to hold their laughter in!

The Bridges brothers & one other stormed through the run & row. Not showing any signs of their age, as it would probably accumalte to more than your weekly dole! They burst off on their bikes & even though one bridges had their thigh muscle give in they still came in second place. The winners from Enniscorthy Edermines rowing club powered their way throughout the challenge keeping a consistant pace & each taking the lead at different points in the run, row or cycle.

The spectacle on the day was truely something for the on-looker or indeed the amateur photographer, especially the row with all the boats taking different lines, the power & flow needed for these small boats to speed across the Slaney.

All this was of course for a good cause in the end, the jokes, the banter, the sweat & thankfully no tears! Was in aid of the Tracie Lawlor Trust for Cystic Fibrosis. All monies raised will go towards research & to help Cf patients in Wexford & the SouthEast. A special thanks to Richie, Victor & Paul Bridges for their work again this year. Thanks to Ferrycaraigh rowing club & to all those who took part hopefully see you again next year for round 3!

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