A Path Less Conventional

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A Path Less Conventional

By Michael E. Morrison

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and lost my younger brother to this life threatening genetic condition. For over quarter of a century I was a mind numbing robotic disciple of Western medicine, bowing to the latest wonder drug to improve aerosol respiration to improving my weight levels to staving off infections. I was a walking pharmacy. I complied with everything the CF team presented me with and duly embraced their treatments of Cystic Fibrosis without thought or question. Just thinking that it will keep me strong and good life force, gave me no reason to rock the proverbial boat. As I got older though, I started to become prone to more and more chest infections, no longer were oral antibiotics hitting and nipping the infection in the bud. From oral medications, I was now being treated more and more through the use of Intravenous antibiotics. The use of intravenous medication started becoming a bi-annual affair.

The last hospitalised episode along the conventional route for me was over eight and a half years ago. After failure to treat a recurrent chest infection with oral meds, the doctors took concern and looked at home IV treatment. After two unsuccessful weeks on home IV’s, there was still no improvement in my situation. After returning for a check up at the end of the IV treatment, I was quickly admitted into the environs of St. Vincents’ (the top Cystic Fibrosis unit in Ireland for adult CF patient’s) for a new course of IV treatment and what turned out to be an elongated, endurance-testing period in hospital. Over the three-week time period it was like a scatter shot approach to medicine. A faint hope, a glimmer of light that one of the prescribed tablets would hit the infection and bring my body back to health. In the end, I felt dejected and down at the lack of compassion and care shown. I reached my nadir with conventional medicines when the head Consultant referred to me as “twiggy” while on one of his rounds in front of his entire CF team. The sheer ignorance and blase stingy remark resonated throughout leaving me empty and devoid of hope that this man or his team were ever going to do anything for my health. No longer would I put this team of negative brow beaters’ at the center of my health.

I knew a change of cataclysmic proportions was needed. To Brazil and the Miracle Man. The change and direction needed was there. My challenge and change was to my health and my approach to it. I was now captain of my ship. The rudderless days were relegated to the dustbin of the past.

Since my first visitation to the healing environs of Brazil, many wonderful opportunities have and continue to bless me. On countless occasions courses, books and people would be brought into my life leading me to piece together a complementary jig saw puzzle to aid my healing. The changes have been immense bringing a spiritual aspect to understanding illness and see it not as a foe but a friend here to teach me about myself and bring me a closer union with my soul’s journey.

One of the reasons for penning ‘A Path Less Conventional’ and ‘Prisoner of Words’ was an important lesson I have learned. Nobody other than me will cure me. The journey may be a little longer and less traveled but the “straight roads are the roads of progress; the crooked roads are the roads of genius”. I have had my ups and downs on this journey but the decision has been mine and I hope others from reading this will learn to stop abdicating control of your health to others’ and grasp the reins of life and steering their way onto the healing highway.


I have a Bachelor of Business degree from the University College Dublin; a Masters’ of Business Studies in Marketing Management from Smurfit Business School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. I am a qualified practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming; an Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapist and I have completed Touch For Health training last year. And on the path of constant learning to better my health and quality of life.

Thank you, Michael E Morrison.

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